Idiots at Floatinting Castle | 29.7.2023, 23.00h | Polhrezervatorij

Our Beloved Alter Idiots, the show is improvised by set up of variety of clown personalities, that were popping out from our clowns as their alter idiots that could not resist to stay unexpressed anymore.

Klausy -the alter producer is trying desperately to introduce the show, actors and theater finances, while Edina Živa Diva with alter name of Edina Uživa Diva is trying with perseverance to conquer the stage with her omnipresence. Member of EU Parliament is jumping in with his high alter opinion about how to entertain the public. Beloved administrator in a meanwhile is unsuccesfully solving all the papers, when well, Tereza just comes to sell some bio eggs. Performance is improvising its spaces and relation between alter idiots.

The agenda of the numbers stays open. Alter idiots are so much persisting in not giving up that most of them is usually removed from the stage physically – specially Marina with her synthesizer and repertoar of cheesy songs.

Klausy – Gergely Dózsa, Edina Živa Diva- Simeon Huzun, Tajnica Oh-Oh – Tina Janežič, Evroposlanec – Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva, Tereza – Petra Markovič, Animal -Andrej Zupan, Marina – Maja Dekleva Lapajne

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