Encyclownpedia – The Clown Book is here!

Finally!!! The first ever 3D print of the clown in the shape of a book!!!

Shape includes written pages, letters, nonsenses and the red nose. The clown is printed from high quality material of the best Slovenian forest wood. It is bio, vegan and ecologically recyclable.

The book is applicable after, in between, and under food influence.

We guarantee uncompetitive content that will help you stay unserious.

the clown book


All that you wanted to know about the clown, and never really thought of asking. A hefty 152 page big first 3D print of a clown ever, sturdy binding in a handy format, and in more then 5 or 6 languages!!!

We send you the clown by post
in a discrete packaging
for only

23,456 EUR
+1,234 EUR for the post.

Order the book now at Tomaž (!

The book has been self-indulgently published by C.A.C.A.
(Contemporary Association of Clown Art) |

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