“Anyway clown is somatic” Tina Janežič

There is nothing more to say to what says the quote by Tina Janežič.

Anyway we will write here other statements that are together with the quote by Tina Janežič, founding statements of the method, skill, theory, practice, technique, strategy, proposal, joke, act, way, beer, juice, direction… of Somati©lown.

Actually it should be SomaT®I©Klown, but who would get this stupid pretencious joke? Actually no one. So we go on with Somati©lown.

If this introduction did not get you started to do Somati©lown, then we suggest you start with the name: Somati©lown.

Take the first letter of the word Somati©lown. Say it loud. Louder. Again. Until you feel like a snake. Sneak into the body of the snake you are making with the sound S until you get sick of it. Physically sick, so sick, you say to your self thrilled: “Thisssss isssss ssssssickening”. Then ssssssssstop. Do you feel sssssssstupid? Sssssssssssssuper. You are on your way to the sssssssscond part of the word Sssssssssssssssssssssomati©lown, ie clown. You do not feel sssssstupid (enough)? Sssssssssssssssssomati©lown has more to offer to get you to the sssssssssssssssssssssssssssecond part of the word Somati©lown.

Take the second and the third letter of the word Somati©lown. Say them loud. Together. Start with long o and even longer m. Say them louder. Again. Until you feel like a Buddha. La. Do you feel mmmmmmad? Mmmmmmmagical! You’ve just learned a very important term in Somati©lown: Buddhala. You do not feel like Buddhalammmmmma? What a salama! And galama! Somati©lown is not out of t®i©ks! Keep going, you will get there! Where? Somewhere. Over the rainbow and beyond: the clown. Let’s see some other t®i©ks by Somati©lown.

Take the third, forth, fifth and sixth letter of the word Somati©lown. If you got lost, it spells: “mati”. In Slovenian it means “mother”. If at this moment it is too much for you, we are going too fast, you can go with the second, third and forth letter of the word Somati©lown, which spells into “oma” which is in some dialects of Slovenian a word for grandmother. What’s the proposal of Somati©lown here? Say in your own language: “(Grand)Mother, I want some coffee”, and wait a bit. After some time, say: “Not now, mum/granny”. Say that loud. Louder. Again. Until you get a coffee or a slap on your face. Do you feel the heat? Now you are in the shit. That’s another important term in Somati©lown: shit, or more pleasant and t®i©ky word: flop.

Now, one might ask, why important terms like buddhala(ma), shit, flop are not reflected in the word Somati©lown. What a ssssstupid question! You are such a buddhala! You are shit, you just flopped. Big time. Show time. Clown away!

Gotcha there with some further t®i©ks by Somati©lown. There is more in store for your lore.

Just keep digging. Literally. Bury yourself. Or fall in the hole called ©. Now here a lots of sssssstupid buddhala(ma)s flopped and failed to use the flop to stay in the shit of failing and flopping to copyright the clown. Such a low (this comes later in the Somati©lown) blow to copyright the Somati©lown or even worse the clown. Claim the clown, yes. But not with copyright. We (are) mean, unless you use the flop of copyrighting your clown for claiming your clown. How do you do that? Say it loud. Louder. Again. What? Say “How do you do that” loud. Louder. Again. Until you get that you are the clown and there is nothing more to claim, just to be lame and claim the flop produced by being lame and the claim and … anyway it’s all the same. Meme.

This is low. Actually the lowest point of Somati©lown. If you are still looking for the t®i©ks by Somati©lown to get you into the clown we admit we are done. We’ve exhausted our ideas since we are at the end of the word Somati©lown. We stay low. We stay in the low. That’s the only law. Actually there is n at the end of the word Somati©lown and this is last thing we can do: to invite you to abide by the lawn. Come and join us at the lawn, grow like a grass on that lawn, let your clowns grow like you do, claw your way out of the hole called © and be buddhala(ma), stay in the shit, use this flop. Just like we at the end of this manifest of Somati©lown.

We told you, you could make it just with the quote by great low mean floppy buddhala(ma) Tina Janežič that is expert in making shit just by thinking of Somati©lown: “Anyway the clown is somatic”.

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