CL-OWN Questions

I am not in the mood
How will I get into the mood
what gives me the state of play

How safe is the place of clown
How vulnerable state is this

How easy to mix myself and the clown-self
Which clown is me, mine, belongs to me and not me?
Which is a created, invented, discovered, copied?

The difference between comedy and clowning, if there is?

Stage or what? Chair?
What is a stage? STAIGEN? STATE?
Why is it a problem to be educated, why is it a problem not to be educated as clown or as actor …
what is easier what is difficultier

Common language

How to understand teory, while we just think we understand it, and we do or do not believe …
It will be sg else, not what we thought

practice, practice, practice – – –
Sell, sell, sell

the clown need audience, otherwise it is just a fool at home …

By Dózsa Gergely

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