The mystery of a lady named Bery

There was once a lady with the name Bery Straw

She was a very beautiful and sensitive girl. Her passion was vegan food and Pilates. Everything was well in her life, but the awareness of  feng shui and numerology resulted in changing her name to Bery Rasp.

Bery Rasp grew into a responsible young lady and married a great sensitive guy named Ray Blue and that is how she became Bery Blue

For some time they were happy together. But a series of unfortunate events like burning the kitchen stove, breaking the phone and unwished outcome of hair colouring have gotten them to rely on feng shui and numerology once again. They changed their names to Ray Black and Bery Black

Finally Bery Black got divorced because of the strange aura her husband was emitting and she has finally changed her name to Currant Black.

When she travelled to India somebody made a mistake and put in her passport name Current Time. Current Time in India was at the moment she arrived 10.05.

The border control marked her as 10.05. Which was later on when she passed over Vietnam changed to Ten May.

Until she came back home she changed into Ten June and some friends started to call her Tenny June

Tenny turned into Terry, than Berry and that to Bery.

So when in the end she realized her name is now Bery June, she decided to do a final cut and not change anymore. She asked authorities once again to be named Bery Straw.

Unfortunately this time authorities have said no. The law in her country said you can change your name just: 10 times. So her name was in the end Ten Times.

“Jhar-beri (Hindi: झड़बेरी)” by Dinesh Valke is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By Tina Janežič

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