Why I don’t like to make animals out of balloons

For the start, they are not real animals. They do not breathe. You need to give them breath all the time. They just ooze that air out sloooooowly, which some might call breathing out. But they are not breathing. They are just oozing around.

And if I would need to breathe that air in them, I would soon suffocate. Not because I would stay out of breath by blowing them up. But because these balloon animals blow my mind out. Have you ever touched them? Yukkie.

I’m doing my best to find a worthwhile reason to make another balloon animal, and I fail to do so. And there it is that stupid grin on the blown up dog smiling at me. Yukkie.

Well, it is not really a clowny text. Yet. I’m still having trouble distancing myself from my disliking of balloon animals. And they are the kind of things that stick around even more when you don’t like them. Yukkie.

No, I didn’t have any bad experiences with balloons or balloon animals in my childhood. Actually quite the opposite. I loved how balloons farted and by farting lost its shape and became floppy and falling on the floor. So, that would be one reason to like balloon animals. But they cannot do that even not close as well as the normal sphere-shaped balloons, i mean they do not fart and ooze that air out like the sphere-shaped balloons.

I think we should free all the animals in zoos all over the world and replace them with balloon animals. That would be a great solution. Here, I will stop writing here since I will go and write to WWF for the idea.

Simeon Huzun

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