The clown robot is dead

I would kindly like to inform you that the only living specimen of a clown robot is dead.

Well, he was just an idea and we don’t know if it was a man or a women, but what we surely know is, that he was a Croatian. It was actually created physically from very expensive material and chips and wires and consolidated by a chauffeur with a console. That means a chauffeur was driving the Croat. The driver had a driving permission, but the Croat didn’t.

Anyways the Croat was very expensive. Like 60 tousent. But nobody paid for it, because he was funny. Well he was supposed to be funny. And cute. He was like a penguin, but not black and white – just white. And smooth as a contemporary counter. He looked like a one meter tall Skittle for bowling. (no associations please!)

He talked. He was Croatian, but he was speaking any language you want. He could say words, sentences, poems, texts of any kind in any language, just ….he wasn’t very smart. Why?

“iss035e016453” by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

That is because there was a real clown caught inside him and he couldn’t escape. He was in a clown prison, because he was not funny. Robot was actually a prison for the clown. Now and than they would change the one with another clown, but soon enough the one and only came back. He just couldn’t resist to be unfunny. And That was his punishment.

So, for the kids was kind of not convenient to have the least funny clown robot in the world. So, they tryed all sorts of thing with him to get rid of the clown inside. They opened the door and push him out but he came back. They locked him in a smelly toilet but he would wait for hours and than came happily out. They would recite him bad poetry and he would still be happy. They split a coke on him, put the glue on his wheels, changed blue and red cables, ask him non existing questions, punch him on the head, spit on him, contaged him with corona, put ice cream in his holes,…name it. He happily survived everything.

But today is unfortunatly the day when we have to kindly inform you that our first and only clown robot felt on the stairs.

Glory to him!

Clown management

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