Echo of clown

The echo of a clown is another clown. Sounds mysterious, I know. But, hey, it’s that simple. 

Let me break it down for you, i.e. complicate it a bit.

The clown exists between people, not in people. 

So, when a clown appears it appears exactly because of a reaction to the social situation.

So, the emergence of a clown is actually an echo of the social situation. 

And we can then go farther and claim that clown perpetuates in existence only by the ability to create an echo. 

So, when I engage in the social situation to give birth to the clown I need to take care of this clown making an echo in the social situation.

Hence the echo of a clown is another clown.

There is something more to be complicated in this statement.

Either in the echo re-emerges the same clown, or another new clown character appears. 

This then, if we take it farther, means that what we are actually talking about here is a clown state and not the clown.

So, more precisely we could say: the echo of a clown is a clown state taking care of itself to keep on existing. 

And funny enough it is in the very taking care that there is an echo of a clown state where one needs to invest one’s efforts, and not in the clown state. 

It is an effort to create an echo that brings one in the clown state, since only from there one can create an echo of a clown state.

And this effort mostly consists of listening. 

To the social situation we get involved in. 

It is a very accurate and acute playful listening of what is going on that makes an echo of a clown state.

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