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stop (english, slovenian, hungarian) – useful but not a clowny word, hopefully never going to be forgotten to use by white clowns or August. STand – STop – has something similar in it – STreet – STill – STatue – STimulate – STructure – STing – STainless STeel STring – SiT – STress – STart
Its touchy…  Art & Op … Smart & Smop … Start & Stop …  reach the bottom, reach the top!
Move, but don’t move! Arrival to a point when a motion, action or feeling is ending or breaks, pauses, fades, interrupted. STATS.
Fall but before you fall look around and see the moment, is everybody ready for a big laugh … eventually you will reach the end of your movement, unless you jump up before you reach the gravitational zero point, limp over, reduce speed, until you lose the swinging energy of limping back to standing without muscles. Also see: Fall! Stop: A place and time to stand or sit. In the clown-world if somebody shouts “STOP!” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will stop immediately, but it can be the beginning of a very beautiful conflict.
If I stop before reaching the last letter “P” it will sound like STO, which is exactly 100.
That is quite a lot. STOP counting! Don’t even try! Stop Trying! Stop Stopping! Stopping is not blocking, but If you stop for too long it can easily be misinterpreted as death.
So please don’t stop breathing, especially if you want to put on a good show!
(extraction of the not-clownish-word: STOP will be continued)

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